Foster a Welcoming City for Veterans and Servicemembers

The City of Boston must acknowledge the strengths servicemembers and Veterans bring to their communities and play an active role in ensuring Veterans and servicemembers are set up for success in the city.  Whether it’s access to mental health services, affordable housing, quality jobs, and systems of support, we must do more for our veterans, service members, and their families.

  • Removing barriers of entry for services. Navigating the web of federal, state, and local agencies can be difficult and time consuming to access the basic services that are available to Veterans and servicemembers. As Mayor, Andrea will expand the role of the Veterans Services Office to further help Veterans and servicemembers navigate these critical service agencies. Andrea will also work to ensure all city departments have cultural competency in veterans issues and the unique needs of historically underserved populations within the veterans community.
  • Investing in jobs and workforce training. Every Veteran and service member should have access to good quality jobs in Boston that recognize the skills built during military service. As Mayor, Andrea will lead this charge and work diligently to hire Veterans and servicemembers, especially BIPOC members, to good city jobs. Andrea will also work to establish more opportunities for jobs training and assistance in applying for apprenticeship and vocational schools. This also includes an emphasis in career services such as resume building, interview prep, and more.
  • Combating the rise of opioid use in the Veteran community. The rise of opioid addiction is growing across the country – a compounding of root issues such as not enough access to mental health services, quality jobs, etc. – that we are also seeing in the Veteran and servicemember community. This public health crisis is a top priority for Andrea, who has been at the forefront of this issue and released an in-depth plan on addressing the public health crisis at Mass and Cass. Andrea will work tirelessly to establish more mental health services and partner with service providers to make it more accessible. 
  • Prioritizing affordable housing units. Access to affordable housing is a human right that every Boston resident is entitled to. Veterans continue to be disproportionately impacted by issues of housing insecurity. As Mayor, Andrea will be a fierce advocate to remove barriers to housing and hold developers accountable to create more affordable units and push for Veterans to be given priority access to them. She will also establish more city liaisons to help in the process of obtaining these units and navigate the bureaucratic processes of applying for them.