Why are you on #TeamAndrea?

Show your support for Andrea by recording a short video and sharing it with us!

  1. Light – Make sure you are in a well lit area. Try to have your face well lit (in front of a window works great) with no bright sources of light behind you (a really bright light fixture or a very bright window)
  2. Click on the “Record and Upload” box below, or open your Camera in video mode.
  3. Have your phone ready and arms length. Make sure we can see your face!
  4. Start recording
  5. Speak clearly
  6. Introduce yourself (Name, occupation, where you’re from, etc.)
  7. What is an issue that matters to you this Mayoral race?
  8. Why do you support Andrea for Mayor? (How will she solve the issue?)
  9. Finish recording and upload the video on this website!

Splash Image
Splash Image