Cultivate Racial Equity in City Hall

Having conversations centered on equity and creating policies to dismantle systemic inequities is not enough. This can only be accomplished by not only prioritizing inclusive practices, but creating a culture throughout City Hall that is grounded in racial equity and actively uses anti-racism techniques in every facet of governing. Andrea is ready to confront these hard truths and do the hard work of creating a more equitable and just Boston.

  • Develop a holistic strategy for governing grounded in racial equity. As Mayor, Andrea will commission a Strategic Plan on Racial Equity in Boston, specifically reviewing the role of City Hall in both breaking and perpetuating the cycles of racial inequity within Boston. This strategy will inform the Campbell Administration‚Äôs policies, programs, and allocation of resources and services and serve as a guidepost on how to lead with intentionality and integrity. She will also establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, a fight she has led on as a City Councilor and one that she will make a reality as mayor. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission will be designed with community input at the forefront of its mission of restorative justice to address past racial discrimination and how to change the system that let it happen.¬†
  • Empower Boston‚Äôs Human Rights Commission. The City‚Äôs Human Rights Commission has the unique opportunity to address Boston‚Äôs history of discrimination and segregation. As Mayor, Andrea will empower the Commission to not only conduct investigations for discriminatory practices, but also have tangible influence in policy making, the creation of city programs, and the Mayor‚Äôs decision making. This Commission will center the voices of the community, particularly BIPOC Bostonians, in their city government.
  • Launch an analysis of all City boards and commissions. One of Andrea‚Äôs first orders will be a review of every City Board and Commission to analyze their membership, structure, and effectiveness. This will help empower all Boards and Commissions to govern with intentionality and renewed sense of purpose.
  • Actively deploy anti-racism training and tools. As Mayor, Andrea will require yearly anti-racism training for all city departments, Commissions, and Boards. She will also deploy anti-racism tools for all city departments and Commissions to use in their day-to-day work. To measure the effectiveness of these trainings and tools, Andrea will create a public dashboard to measure plans and progress to hold the administration accountable.
  • Hire equitably across City Hall. We must ensure who leads the city and creates policies is reflective of the Boston of today – one that is diverse in life experiences and representative of our vibrant neighborhoods – to create thoughtful and transformative programs and delivery of services. It‚Äôs also important to not only hire diverse staff, but ensure they are set up for success within the City or whatever is next in their career by investing in City employees through mentorship and clear pathways for promotions and advancement.