Fight Tirelessly for Gender Equity

COVID-19 has disproportionately impacted women, especially Black, Brown and Trans women.  80% of jobs lost in the pandemic were held by women, and workforce participation among women is at its lowest rate since the 1980s — reinforcing long-standing economic inequities. Despite women reinvesting in their families and communities, less than 2% of venture capital is allocated to women-run start-ups and 1.6% of charitable funding is directed toward women and girls across the country. Boston is no exception, and in our City, the majority of households in poverty are run by single women as well. As Mayor, Andrea will advocate tirelessly to ensure that every Bostonian has equal access to quality health care, jobs, and services — regardless of gender expression.

  • Accomplish gender parity in City government. Andrea believes in equal representation in our City government. As Mayor, Andrea will commit to reaching gender parity in every senior City governmental office, department, Commission, and Board to set an example for how Boston will lead. To close gender pay gaps in Boston, Andrea will ensure that the city partners with local institutions and community groups to launch yearly audits of the city’s gender and racial pay gaps. With her focus on gender equity, Andrea will ensure that city of Boston employees receive comparable pay for comparable work, ending the days when those who identify as women get paid less because they work in jobs historically dominated by women.
  • End gender-based discrimination. Andrea will fight against unjust hiring decisions that discriminate based on gender and gender expressions, promote trans-inclusive policies for all city departments and businesses, and make Boston a city that provides a welcoming work environment for all. This also includes intentional policies in protecting BIPOC and trans women from facing both gender and racial discrimination.  
  • Advocate for increased access to reproductive health care. Access to quality health care is a human right, but every day we see women, especially immigrant, Black, Brown and Trans women, be denied access to the vital healthcare they need. Using her power as Mayor, Andrea will be a staunch advocate for increased access to reproductive health care and fight to expand the city’s existing health care and abortion services open across the city for all residents. She will also continue to put pressure on the state to protect and enforce the provisions of the ROE Act to make abortion care and family planning services accessible and make reproductive healthcare, including contraceptive care, affordable and equitable for all Boston residents. Andrea believes we must work with leaders at the state level to ensure all eligible women and people who menstruate have continuous MassHealth coverage to include the entire 21-month period from the beginning of pregnancy to a year after delivery, or are seamlessly enrolled in Health Connector plans.
  • Increase access to high quality child care. As a City Councilor, Andrea has championed making universal pre-K in Boston a reality, calling for hearings and holding BPS accountable for implementation of the program that began under the Walsh Administration. For Andrea, promises of “universal pre-K” are not enough: Boston must build a functional ecosystem to provide age-appropriate and culturally responsive care for children from birth to five years old (“0-5”). Guided by the belief that high quality care for children from 0-5 should be a public service in our country that will benefit the overall health of Boston and Massachusetts that can demonstrate to the rest of the nation what is possible, Andrea will build toward this goal, beginning by bringing together current providers who have been hit so hard by the pandemic and providing streamlined, centralized support for core needs such as PPE, food access, diapers, and benefiting from shared staffing and bulk purchases. In the longer term, she will convene leaders from government, large local employers, schools, and current childcare and early education providers to chart a path toward a comprehensive, funded, and high-functioning 0-5 system that serves all Boston children. She will source capital creatively and initially provide subsidies for working families, centralize services for current providers, and engage urgently with State and Federal leaders focused on funding childcare and early learning as an economic, equity, and educational priority.
  • Support women and gender non-binary owned businesses, non-profits, entrepreneurs. Boston’s local businesses are the core of our City’s culture and resiliency. As Mayor, Andrea will ensure that women and non-binary leaders across sectors have equal opportunities to participate in City contracts and grants to demonstrate Boston’s commitment to invest in our local businesses, and strengthen our economy. She will fight to ensure that the dismal funding rates for women and non-binary owned organizations are improved under her leadership and that access to capital is readily available.