Create a More Livable City for the Disability Community

We need to plan for a city that is livable for all Bostonians, one that puts the needs of people with disabilities and special needs at the forefront of city planning and improves upon existing infrastructure. This includes prioritizing thoughtful programs with accessibility in mind, planning that is inclusive for all abilities, and access to quality jobs and education.  

  • Center people with disabilities in city planning. Andrea will take a¬† proactive approach to how we design our city, both programmatically and in design. This includes prioritizing projects that will create and improve ADA accessible streets, buildings, and thoroughfares. It‚Äôs also centering the voices of those with disabilities at the forefront of these meaningful conversations in city planning by strengthening our Commission on Disability.¬†
  • Create greater access to Affordable Housing. Boston is a historic city with lots of cultural and historic landmarks, but it has also made affordable and accessible housing difficult to access for many residents. As Mayor, Andrea will hold building owners and developers accountable for creating accessible housing options for their current and new housing projects.¬†
  • Promote an inclusive jobs force. Building an inclusive job force that provides workplace accommodations must be done intentionally and thoughtfully, partnering with the many organizations in Boston that are already doing this work. Under the Campbell administration, the City will push businesses to offer more jobs to people with disabilities and special needs and advise on how to make the workplace more accommodating.
  • Ensure quality special needs education for all. As a former education attorney representing students with special needs, Andrea firmly believes that every student should have access to an excellent education, which is why Andrea has proposed a bold roadmap to reimagine our Boston Public Schools and close the learning gaps many special needs students face. As Mayor, Andrea will spearhead an assessment on BPS special needs education programs and discern if those students’ needs are being met. This assessment will serve as a roadmap on how to improve K-12 educational programming and what resources could be allocated to strengthen them.¬†