Andrea's Vision


Protect renters and homeowners during COVID-19 - and ensure every Bostonian can afford to live here.

COVID-19 has placed an enormous burden on renters and homeowners, particularly those who have had to choose between risking their health and paying their rent or mortgage. Andrea was one of the first elected officials in Boston to call for a ban on evictions and foreclosures during the pandemic. She believes government must do more to protect people from losing their homes. 

Even prior to the pandemic, Boston was among the most rapidly gentrifying cities in the entire country, behind only San Francisco and Denver in a recent national study. Growing up in Boston, Andrea saw her neighborhood in the South End and Roxbury transform as gentrification swept through the community. Today, we see this change sweeping through neighborhoods across the City.

In 2016, Andrea led the effort on the City Council to pass the Community Preservation Act, which now generates over $20 million annually for affordable housing, open space, and historic preservation in every neighborhood. She also worked with her colleagues to pass a transfer tax on home sales of more than $2 million, to help to fund affordable housing construction across the city. Andrea believes we must tackle Boston’s housing crisis in a holistic and equitable manner, instead of with band-aid solutions.

As Mayor, Andrea will:

Protect renters and homeowners alike from losing their homes during the pandemic. As the federal government fails to deliver on relief that will protect people’s homes, Andrea has pushed to make sure the City and State are doing everything possible to keep people from losing their homes during the pandemic. She’ll continue this fight as Mayor. 

Work to undo systemic racism’s effect on Boston’s housing. Like so many other American cities, racist housing policy like redlining has limited access to homeownership and reduced home values for residents of color. Andrea believes city government must be bold and creative about undoing systemic racism’s impact on homeownership, and partner with communities and banks to achieve greater equity in access to loans. 

Prioritize housing stability. Andrea knows how longtime residents get pushed out of their homes by rising rents and property taxes because she’s lived it personally and seen it firsthand in her district. Smart and responsible development should allow our City to grow in a way that also benefits and protects current and long-time Boston residents – particularly for our seniors living on fixed incomes. The City must also prioritize meeting the needs of families who are fighting against homelessness and all its associated challenges.  

Create more – and better – affordable housing. Andrea spent years of her early life in public housing, and knows how critical safe, high-quality affordable housing is to making Boston a city for everyone. As Mayor, Andrea will hold developers accountable to their affordable housing commitments and make sure no one gets stuck on a waitlist for public housing they desperately need.