Andrea's Vision

Civic Engagement

Empower residents to be co-creators in the future of our city.

Andrea knows that real, generational change starts by listening, continually engaging, and empowering residents, civic groups, and organizers working to better their communities. This has the added benefit of bringing residents together across neighborhoods to work together, know each other, and build relationships that facilitate collective power and action. 

As a City Councilor, Andrea has consistently included residents as collaborators in projects like Reclaiming Space Рa design initiative to transform vacant lots Рand hosted a Civic Empowerment Series for civic association leaders in her district to share best practices and  build leadership skills to better advocate on behalf of their neighborhoods. As City Council President, she hosted the first city-wide Civic Leaders Summit in more than a decade to facilitate connections and collaboration with community organizers and civic leaders across Boston. 

As Mayor, Andrea will lead inclusively. She believes that when our neighborhood leaders have the tools to effectively organize their neighbors, advocate for specific resources, and inform policies, she will be able to lead at her best. Some neighborhoods already have resident leaders or civic associations that do this well, but many do not. Our City government cannot serve only those who are well-connected, well-funded, or well-organized, but must serve all our residents. By investing in community partnership and supporting a citywide civic leaders network that taps into every neighborhood, Andrea will empower residents to be co-creators in the future of our City.