Andrea's Vision

City Government

Make city government transparent, accountable, and equitable.

Andrea has years of experience seeing government at its best, while serving as deputy legal counsel for Governor Deval Patrick and partnering with her colleagues on the City Council. She’s also seen what can happen when government is not transparent or accountable to the people. So after corruption scandals in City Hall, Andrea called for Boston to appoint its own Inspector General – an independent office charged with holding city government accountable to taxpayers and ensuring that services are delivered in an effective, efficient manner. 

As Mayor, Andrea will:

Make good on her proposal to create an Inspector General for Boston. Cities across the country have created and empowered Inspectors General to play a watchdog role in City government. As Mayor, Andrea will create an independent IG for Boston to root out corruption and ensure our government is accountable to the people. 

Make sure City government reflects the communities it serves. On the Council, Andrea has championed efforts to diversify Boston’s public safety agencies, which today are overwhelmingly white and male. As Mayor, she’ll set clear targets for diversity across all City departments and hold leaders accountable for delivering on these goals.

Make Boston’s budget process the most transparent in America. For residents, City budgeting is too often an opaque process that they cannot access, understand, or participate in. As Mayor, Andrea will make sure residents can see what’s happening in their government and understand how their money is spent so we can move towards expanded participatory budgeting. 

Make Boston’s open data policy a reality. COVID-19 has uncovered the ongoing selective sharing of data from city departments. This data belongs to the people and is meant to help city departments, residents, businesses, and nonprofit organizations make good decisions.

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