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Written by Andrea

Andrea In The News - Written by Andrea | Aug 19, 2021

Boston needs to take more decisive measures on COVID-19

BY ANDREA J. CAMPBELL, BOSTON GLOBE – Like many Bostonians, I wish this were the summer when we put COVID-19 behind us once and for all — unfortunately, that’s not our reality. And as fall and the start of school rapidly approach, it’s critical that the city takes decisive action to make sure unvaccinated residents […]
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Andrea In The News - Written by Andrea | Jun 18, 2021

This Juneteenth, Black Liberation Requires Action

BY ANDREA J. CAMPBELL, MARIE CLAIRE – Celebrating Juneteenth with my family in Roxbury, a historically Black neighborhood in Boston, is a memory I treasure. It stands out among memories of a childhood filled with instability, loss, and struggle. Juneteenth was (and still is) one big block party—Roxbury Homecoming—where folks from every neighborhood and relatives […]
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Andrea In The News - Written by Andrea | May 02, 2021

Growth Must Lead to Shared Prosperity in Boston

BY ANDREA J. CAMPBELL, BANKER & TRADESMAN – It’s no secret that Boston has been transformed over the last generation. When I was growing up as a little girl in Roxbury, Boston was seen by many as a “small big city” – New York’s sibling to the north where large swaths of land were unused or unutilized. […]
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Andrea In The News - Written by Andrea | Apr 20, 2021

Time and again, the Boston Police Department has proved it can’t be trusted to police itself

BY ANDREA J. CAMPBELL, BOSTON GLOBE – If Boston is going to change, it needs a police department that leads the nation in transparency and accountability. But it also needs leadership that insists on it. As the Globe recently reported, for more than two decades, the Boston Police Department protected Patrick M. Rose Sr., a […]
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Written by Andrea | Jun 25, 2020

There’s an urgent need to ‘reimagine’ our police department

BY ANDREA CAMPBELL, DORCHESTER REPORTER – In March, when I subpoenaed the Boston Police Department’s field, interrogation, and observation (FIO) data, also known as “stop and frisk” data, broken down by race, I did not know that a few weeks later, Ahmaud Arbery would be hunted down and murdered by two white men in Atlanta. […]
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