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Andrea Campbell endorses Mejia, Halbert, Louijeune, and Monteiro for Boston City Council At-Large and Brian Worrell for District 4

Oct 19, 2021

BOSTON – Today Boston City Councilor Andrea Campbell endorsed four candidates for Boston City Council At-Large: Councilor Julia Mejia, David Halbert, Ruthzee Louijeune, and Carla B. Monteiro, and endorsed Brian Worrell for Boston City Council District 4, the seat she currently holds.

“I am proud to endorse a group of candidates for Boston City Council that deeply understand the issues facing Boston residents and the important role local government can play in solving them,” said Councilor Campbell. “Each of these candidates have laid out a vision and agenda that centers racial equity and justice, draws on their own experience living Boston’s inequities to inform solutions, and that will ensure City services and opportunities are accessible to every Boston resident regardless of their zip code or demographic.”

Campbell’s slate of endorsed candidates align with issues and priorities she championed as both a City Councilor and mayoral candidate, and all have signed on to Campbell’s policy pledge to take specific actions to close the racial wealth gap; to dramatically improve the Boston Public Schools and ensure all children have access to excellent public schools and programs from birth to 12th grade; to enact policing reforms to make the police department the most transparent and accountable in the nation; to make all neighborhoods safer by investing in strategies that address root causes of violence; to implement a comprehensive plan to address the public health and public safety crisis at Mass & Cass and the surrounding neighborhoods; to make housing more affordable and homeownership more accessible; and to center communities of color in the City’s climate resiliency plans.

“Councilor Mejia has been a force for change on the City Council and a tremendous partner in the work, especially to transform our approach to public safety and criminal justice and to increase access to government and opportunity for immigrants and residents who are often left out or left behind,” said Campbell. “I am proud to endorse Julia for re-election and to continue fighting alongside her for equity and justice in all our systems and to ensure all truly means all in City Hall.”

“I am proud to endorse David Halbert for City Councilor At-Large,” said Campbell. “David has outlined a bold and creative agenda to make all our systems more equitable and just, from housing and Boston Public Schools to public safety and our environment. As a public servant for more than a decade, David knows the power of local government to create opportunity and transform lives, especially when we center our most marginalized communities.”

“I am proud to endorse Ruthzee Louijeune for City Councilor At-Large,” said Campbell. “Through her experience as a daughter of Haitian immigrants, a BPS graduate, and an attorney fighting to keep people in their homes and end cycles of incarceration in our communities, Ruthzee has both the record and vision to bring our communities together to create an equitable and just future for all Bostonians.”

“I am proud to endorse Carla B. Monteiro for City Councilor At-Large,” said Campbell. “Carla brings unique experience to this work, from her own lived experience with housing insecurity growing up in Boston to becoming a homeowner in Dorchester, and being on the front lines of our city’s public health crises as a social worker. I know Carla will be a champion for our most vulnerable residents and move our city forward equitably.”

“Throughout his campaign, Brian Worrell has listened to community and responded with specific ideas to tackle the systemic inequities that our neighborhoods disproportionately experience and to continue the work I have been blessed to do on the Council, from expanding youth programming to activating vacant lots for housing and retail space our community can afford,” said Campbell. “I am excited by Brian’s inclusive leadership and vision for our district and proud to endorse him in this race.”

Campbell has not yet endorsed in the mayoral race, but outlined in an op-ed in the Boston Globe the specific plans and commitments she is pushing the candidates to commit to on policing and public safety, Boston Public Schools, housing and Boston’s economy, and the public health crisis at Mass & Cass.