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Andrea Campbell’s Campaign Raises Over $100K in October

Nov 05, 2020

BOSTON – Just over one month since Andrea Campbell announced her campaign for Mayor of Boston, her early momentum continued with the campaign raising an additional $100,000 from more than 400 new contributors in October (roughly 94,000 will be reported to OCPF). This brings her total raised since the announcement of her historic campaign to over $200,000.

Campbell hosted a women’s event on October 28th with over 160 rsvps and more than 30 co-hosts. Notable co-hosts and attendees included Bennie Wiley, Minnie Baylor-Henry, Sarah Muncey, Betsy Pattullo, Nonnie Burnes, Stacy Cowan, Donna Gittens, Hilary Bacon Gabrieli, Deb Enos, Margo Lindauer, and Makeeba McCreary.

“I am so humbled by the continued momentum and enthusiasm we have seen in this early stage of our campaign,” said Campbell. “We are dedicated to growing our grassroots campaign funded by people across this city who are passionate about building a more equitable Boston.”

About Andrea:

Andrea Campbell is running for Mayor to bring Boston together to break cycles of inequity and injustice, and to give every Bostonian a chance to succeed.

As a City Councilor representing District 4, which includes large sections of Dorchester and Mattapan, as well as pieces of Jamaica Plain and Roslindale, Campbell has focused on closing generational inequities in our City, whether in a criminal justice system that is unjust, a school system that under-serves communities of color, or one of the worst racial wealth gaps in America.

Campbell served as Deputy Legal Counsel in Governor Deval Patrick’s administration, working to create more equitable systems and deliver progressive change to communities across the Commonwealth. In 2015, Campbell defeated a 32-year incumbent to represent Mattapan, Dorchester, and parts of Jamaica Plain and Roslindale on the City Council.

Since then, Campbell has been a leader for equity, justice, and opportunity for all in Boston. As the first Black woman to serve as Boston City Council President, she championed an agenda that put racial equity at the top of Boston’s priority list. For years, she’s led the fight to reform our police and criminal legal systems and pushed our City and school leaders to act urgently to provide a quality public education to every student.


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