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Andrea Campbell Releases New Policy Plan: A Roadmap for COVID-19 Recovery

Jan 12, 2021

Andrea Campbell Releases New Policy Plan: A Roadmap for COVID-19 Recovery

BOSTON – Today, Councilor Andrea Campbell released a new policy plan for her mayoral campaign that includes short-term and long-term strategies for recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic and building an equitable and resilient public health infrastructure in the City of Boston.

“It’s been almost a year since the first cases of COVID-19 and this pandemic is still raging here in Boston. How we respond to and recover from COVID-19 now and over the next few years will be a priority for the next mayor, which is why releasing our COVID-19 recovery plan as our first policy release of the year is so important to me,” said Councilor Campbell. “This plan intentionally centers families, working people and the communities disproportionately harmed by the pandemic, and it builds on my ongoing efforts as a councilor to ensure equitable vaccine distribution and to safely re-opening our schools. My plan is not only to ensure Bostonians are vaccinated, remain healthy, and can get back to school and work safely, but also to build a resilient and equitable public health infrastructure informed by data from this pandemic to prevent another crisis from devastating our communities again.”

Campbell’s plan, A Roadmap for COVID-19 Recovery details five key strategies:

  • Vaccinate Boston effectively, efficiently, and equitably.  Andrea will build and support effective outreach efforts in every neighborhood in partnership with neighborhood health centers, public health advocates, and faith-based, cultural, and community leaders to ensure all residents, especially those most vulnerable and impacted by the virus, have equitable access to the vaccine, and know that it is free, safe, and important to recovering from this pandemic.
  • Get kids back to school safely. In addition to ensuring every BPS classroom has proper air filtration and ventilation and PPE, required contact tracing and social distancing, and consistent communication between schools and families (directly and online) about school safety conditions, Andrea’s plan for safe school reopening includes immediate implementation of in-school pooled COVID testing for teachers and students; prioritizing teachers in vaccine distribution; and a robust tutoring program available to all BPS students so that they can catch up on critical learning.
  • Get Bostonians back to work. Andrea’s plan to get Boston back to work and on a path to economic stability and recovery centers on how the City can best support both the businesses who create jobs and the Bostonians who work so hard in them. For the small business community, Andrea will increase direct relief programs and ease licensing and permitting, particularly those led by historically underrepresented groups. Andrea will also ensure that working families can stay safe, healthy, and employed by building a stronger childcare infrastructure, preventing evictions and displacement, opposing service reductions for public transit, and prioritizing long term food security.
  • Build a resilient public health infrastructure. As mayor, Andrea will modernize our Boston Public Health Commission with the tools, resources, and partnerships with our renowned medical institutions to better serve Bostonians, and prioritize making mental health services and telehealth care accessible to all. Because public health is not just about ensuring quality health care, Andrea will develop and implement racial equity and resiliency initiatives that ensure all our residents have safe, affordable housing, good schools, access to healthy food, clean air and water, and jobs that pay a living wage.
  • Learn from COVID and take action on what it has exposed. As mayor, Andrea will conduct a data-informed After-Event Review to rigorously measure disparities and their underlying causes, and develop comprehensive plans to address them. She will continue investing in community engagement strategies and closing the digital divide to ensure public health information and resources are accessible, especially in communities of color, beyond the pandemic.

View Campbell’s full Roadmap For COVID-19 Recovery here

In December, Campbell filed an order for a hearing to discuss strategies to equitably distribute the COVID-19 vaccine and address distrust in a vaccine particularly in the Black community. She will refile this order at tomorrow’s Council Meeting, with plans to hold a hearing soon.

Over the next few weeks and months, Campbell will release more of her policy platform, including plans on our economy, education, public health, public safety and criminal justice, housing, transportation, environmental justice and climate resilience, and more.


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